Has China Already Declared War Against the World?*

With the odd disappearance of Jack Ma, Evergrande defaulting on its international loans, new legislation outlawing foreign workers – we should start taking a careful look at China – especially as they encroach on Taiwan.

China’s authoritative rule was once thought of as a push towards socialism and against democracy, but when you look at their actions as a whole, it might be something far more sinister.  

Actions speak louder than words – so let’s look at some of the actions China has taken that could mean they are preparing for or are in the midst of a war against the world:

1. Taiwan

For such a small island, Taiwan manages to carry the heaviest load when it comes to maintaining world order.  Not only because they control one of the world’s largest shipping and defence corridors, the Taiwan Strait, or because they are a shining example that Chinese traditions can live happily in a democratic state or because they have managed to fend off China’s passive aggressive encroachment  …  The main reason this little Island has become the flashpoint for our world’s new order is because they happen to be responsible for the bulk of all chip manufacturing.  Computer chips are in everything from computers to refrigerators, they make the world go around and without a steady supply, we would be in trouble.  

Taiwan has been successful in maintaining its freedom from Chinese rule, but as everyday goes by there seems to be a news story about China increasing its military power (China’s test of hypersonic vehicle is part of a program to rapidly expand strategic and nuclear systems) and testing their strength over Taiwan (Chinese jets menace Taiwan, pressuring U.S.’s support of island’s defenses).

 If Taiwan succumbs to Chinese rule – the world would be forced to be beholden to China’s every whim.

2. Jack Ma

If China plans on war, they will need to quiet the dissidents – especially the democratic loving, terrifically rich ones.

One of China’s most outspoken and successful billionaires in China has been rather muted lately.  In fact, ever since November 2020 he has been either missing or shown up as a mere facsimile of his former self.  Conspiracy theories abound but they all seem to link his departure from the international stage to his negative comments about China’s leadership.  And he’s not the only one silenced, many other extremely successful entrepreneurs have found themselves behind bars, exiled, re-educated, kidnapped and one, Lai Xiaomin, has been saddled with a death sentence! (Forbes)  

3. Cracking Down on all Foreign Tutors, Limiting Video Games and Effeminate Men

In the name of “social policy” China has curtailed many connections to the outside world (Xi Jinping’s Crackdown on Everything is remaking Chinese Society).  In July, China made sweeping rules to abate the proliferation of tutoring companies – banning foreign investment, for-profit schools and severely limiting the times they are able to operate.  This effectively fired all foreign teachers and nationalized China’s extracurricular educational system.  Additionally, external influences like effeminate male figures, Hollywood movies and video games got the squeeze.  China’s commitment boost national pride and estrange its people from democratic ideals was on full display when they opted to release the feature film The Battle at Lake Changjin the day before China’s National Day. The feature film broke viewership records and told a heroic story about how China bravely fought America and won.

The first rule of war is to hate the enemy, so China has curtailed their connections outside of the country.

4. Enforcing Draconian Rules on Businesses 

China’s homegrown success stories were becoming a force of their own so China instituted new laws to slow their growth and gain control – if they happened to vaporize billions of international investment dollars in the process – so be it. 

China has been successively instituting oppressive laws that have forced the hand of their most successful companies.. Jack Ma’s exit from the international stage coincided with the cancellation of his company’s (Ant Group) IPO last year.  And just days after Didi went public, China shut down key features which imploded their stock price and may eventually force it to be delisted.  The legislation put in place for real estate companies last year led to the troubles Evergrande is facing this year.  Additionally, China has introduced additional privacy, content and algorithm laws which effectively give the government control their peoples hearts and minds.  

5. Coronavirus (this one is for the conspiracy theorists)

Did the Coronavirus really develop from a bat and a bird, in a market that happened to be extremely close to a high security pathogen lab – one that could easily create a deadly pandemic?  We have been living with this pandemic for a year and a half and we still have no idea how it started.  China has blocked international efforts to learn more about the origin of the virus, yet they have been surprisingly good at containing it within their own country.  

CHINA Coronavirus Cases


USA Coronavirus Cases


With a population more than 4 times larger than the US, China has had 1/354 of the cases and 1/125 death toll.  Could the virus be the first known bio-weapon to infiltrate the global population?

With China’s introduction of regulations limiting free speech for all news and media outlets, Xi Jinping skipping the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow and their 1,091 day detainment of two innocent Canadians as a retaliatory measure against U.S. sanctions – China has proven to be a country that doesn’t want to play fair in the sand box.   

Actions speak louder than words and looking at China’s actions, they have been very clear – they don’t care about international diplomacy – and they very may well have declared war the moment the Coronavirus was released.   Nobody knows for sure but the world should take note! 

*The Flyer: an opinion piece that may contain or support conspiracy theories.

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