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The bully, his backers and the end of the truth

…the following people financed one of the worst business deals in history in order to support a man who has at best, shown an egregious lack of character, and at worst, is a racist, sexist, labour-busting, fraudulent, fake news disseminating, can’t keep it in his pants, egomaniac. 

Peter Thiel

As an early investor in Facebook, Elon Musk’s partner in PayPal, now funding an anti-woke asset management firm “Strive”, and underwriting the reelection of Donald Trump, Thiel is striving to create a new world order where chaos reigns and he is king.

Finally, Facebook (Meta) got its Comeuppance

Meta lost over 30% of its value in one month …and over 26% of that value was lost in one day!   (that’s about 237 BILLION) How can this happen and is this the end for Facebook? Here are the reasons outlined in the media: Drop in daily users  – they lost about 500,000 daily…

The World According to Geeks

Born with distinct advantages, Geeks created a world view that favours them to the detriment of society.

Has China Already Declared War Against the World?*

With the odd disappearance of Jack Ma, Evergrande defaulting on its international loans, new legislation outlawing foreign workers – we should start taking a careful look at China – especially as they encroach on Taiwan.

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