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Conspiracy theories abound in this section of the Fuselage which features some facts that support some opinions with an optimistic goal to enhance the conversation.

10 Ideas for a better world

Many politicians seem to be more concerned with staying in power than the common good, here are 10 ideas that put people first.

Peter Thiel

As an early investor in Facebook, Elon Musk’s partner in PayPal, now funding an anti-woke asset management firm “Strive”, and underwriting the reelection of Donald Trump, Thiel is striving to create a new…

It’s time for conservatives to get selfish!

Conservatives’ selfless desire to guide the faithless towards their life of enlightenment has unforeseen drawbacks – drawbacks that could ultimately destroy all that they cherish.  

9 things Conservatives spew

Canadians have our very own right wing spin-masters that all trumpet the same tune when criticizing the Liberal government, never acknowledging the glass house they throw their stones from.

The Question of Sports

When it comes to professional sports, we need clear rules: people should be classed in the gender they were born.