The bully, his backers and the end of the truth

…the following people financed one of the worst business deals in history in order to support a man who has at best, shown an egregious lack of character, and at worst, is a racist, sexist, labour-busting, fraudulent, fake news disseminating, can’t keep it in his pants, egomaniac. 

Peter Thiel

As an early investor in Facebook, Elon Musk’s partner in PayPal, now funding an anti-woke asset management firm “Strive”, and underwriting the reelection of Donald Trump, Thiel is striving to create a new world order where chaos reigns and he is king.

It’s time for conservatives to get selfish!

Conservatives’ selfless desire to guide the faithless towards their life of enlightenment has unforeseen drawbacks – drawbacks that could ultimately destroy all that they cherish.  

What do we think of Quebec’s tax on the unvaxxed?

Most double and/or triple vaxxers are fed up.   We’ve suffered through each wave and subsequent lock-down with style and grace, dutifully making our sourdough starters and baked goods, socializing on dog walks and chilly patios.  When our kids could get the jab, we took the first appointments, told them they were protecting themselves and supporting the common good, and bought them ice cream afterwards.  We have even forgiven ourselves…


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