Podcast Junkie

A list of some thought provoking podcasts that aim to bring people together in the centre of the plane…

Sam’s obsession with philosophy and spirituality are laid bare in each podcast. Unafraid of sharing an unpopular opinion, Sam’s ability to distinguish the idea from the hyperbole make him a must-listen. Drawing parallels between the far left and the far right, Sam highlights the problems with extreme views, and he keeps things amusing with catchy sayings like Tumpistan and the Cult of Wokeness.

Feeling more like talk radio than most podcasts, Kara and Scott’s lively banter about the latest news in tech and finance keep the listener smiling and engaged. Both hosts call out the worlds industry leaders for bad behaviour and demand accountability. Kara’s no-shit-Sherlock style, mixed with Scott’s knowledgable, self-effacing rants make this podcast a must listen

The Economist seems to be doing everything right these days. No longer a magazine featuring great content saddled between cheesy ads for Franklin Mint™ special addition coins – The Economist has finally understood the value of its audience and created multiple ways to consume their award winning journalism. The Economist produces many podcasts with Babbage, The Intelligence, Money Talks and Checks and Balances offering the most layered perspectives.

The Happiness Lab is a self-affirming, feel good podcast that introduces the listener to the science of Happiness. Created and hosted by Laurie Santos, a Yale professor, this podcast manages to be light and funny while conveying important messages about making decisions that will lead to a happy life.

After On is less a podcast but more a conduit for understanding some of the most relevant and interesting ideas of our time. Hosted by the amiable Rob Reid, the program features the biggest minds of our time talking about their area of expertise, in a way that is consumable and unintimidating.

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