9 things Conservatives spew

How do they loathe Justin, let me count the ways*

I have to give the Conservative movement credit, they really do stick to their talking points.  It’s not just Fox “News” and the Republican media machine that know how to spin a soundbite, we have our very own spin-masters north of the border that all trumpet the same tune when criticizing the Liberal government, and when I say Liberal government, let’s be honest, their focus is on one man and one man only – Justin Trudeau.  

Some people may think the Conservatives are jealous, I mean, take a look at Justin Trudeau vs Erin O’Toole.  Mr. O’Toole not only has an unfortunate last name, but he looks like he may be Justin’s father (even though he is a year younger than him).


But, us Liberals, (or Lib-TARDS as our intentionally politically incorrect brethren refer to us when we are not in the room), we aren’t blinded by his beauty.  

photographed by Norman Jean Roy, Vogue, January 2016

In fact, behind closed doors we often lament that Justin gives us more of a Gilderoy Lockhart (famous celebrity author in the Harry Potter Series) “feel” than the preferred gravitas of a G7 world leader.

But when it comes to the issues that liberals care about –  abortion rights, gun control, universal health care, climate accords – Justin is downright dreamy.  In fact, his ability to apologize for our countries past transgressions, his overall likeability on the world stage and, let’s face it, how well he cuts a suit, makes him feel like just the prime minister Canada needs right now.  

So, here is a list of the 9 things Conservatives spew:

  1. By FAR the #1 mistake Justin ever made was to wear blackface for a Halloween costume.  He did this blunder in 2001, so at the time it wasn’t career suicide, but it still was extremely tone deaf.  I try to imagine his thought process prior to creating this costume, I imagine he thought it would be a laugh riot which frankly, makes me uncomfortable.  It is the conservatives #1 point regarding JT, and there is some validity to their point.  But instead of going down that rabbit hole, you need to remember, the conservative who is outraged by his behaviour is the very same conservative that crusades against woke culture and subtly courts the racist right. Their “outrage” over JT’s actions is elicited only to create outrage in their liberal audience.  The insinuation is that Justin is racist, and that supporting him makes liberals racist.  Well, it doesn’t.  I would happily take a prime minister that is tone deaf from time to time over a prime minister who supports an agenda that reduces equality and entrenches the old money’d hypocrisy.
  2. Justin is Dumb  While I can admit he may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, he’s definitely capable.  He has successfully protected Liberal ideals during his 5 year tenure by carefully listening to his constituents.  The sign of a good leader is to know their own strengths, and JT does.  He places a lot of faith in Chrystia Freeland – Canada’s very own “Frida” (which means “peaceful ruler”).  Frida is the nickname the KGB gave our very own Chrystia when she went to the Ukraine on exchange from Harvard.  While an exchange student, she used her outsized intelligence to fight for Ukraine’s  independence.  Probably the most dedicated and thoughtful person in Canadian politics, she is able to pick up where he stumbles, ensuring Canada continues to make policy decisions that support all Canadians, not just US corporate interests and/or the uber rich.  (Want to know more, pick up her book Plutocrats: The Rise of the New Global Super-Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else). 

  1.  Justin took a vacation on Truth and Reconciliation Day (TRD).  Yes, this wasn’t ideal.  The press had a field day with this – but it should be noted that he was at a ceremony the night before where survivors shared their stories.  As far as I can tell, Erin O’Toole was also MIA during TRD, he merely posted a photo of himself in front of Parliament Hill (taken the night before) with an accompanying supportive message.  I couldn’t find any footage of him attending anything, but I could be wrong on this – let me know and I will amend this post.  In the end, JT cancelled his vacation and took full responsibility for his mistake.  I am happy to support a party that acknowledges their wrongdoings because it feels like the Conservatives work very hard to point out Liberals’ mistakes and never take any responsibility themselves.

But instead of going down that rabbit hole, you need to remember, the conservative who is outraged by his behaviour is the very same conservative that crusades against woke culture and subtly courts the racist right. Their “outrage” over JT’s actions is elicited only to create outrage in their liberal audience. 

  1. He was once a pothead (in high school) …Hearsay I say!  And, really, it just makes him a bit more interesting.  Regardless, he was responsible for making pot legal, something that both parties supported.  
  2. His Family and other high ranking liberals profited from the Me to We Foundation.  This is one of those – good for the goose stories.  The Conservatives have been quietly profiting from their “charities” for years, so when they see that one of the most world-renowned charities has a liberal slant, they decided to get their torches out and burn it down.  But, here’s the thing, JT’s family is not famous because of him, they are famous because of his father, the beloved Pierre Trudeau.  They get paid speaking gigs all the time.  The fact that Canadian Media and the Conservatives made it their mission to basically destroy one of the biggest and greatest charity initiatives Canada has ever started is typical and petty.  I can’t think of a successful charity that doesn’t have strong ties to the government.  I have a couple charities I would like to see investigated, The Fraser Institute, The Canadian Constitution Foundation, Macdonald-Laurier Institute, Focus on the Family. 
  3. Dressing up in traditional Indian attire in India.  My most favourite people in the whole world dress up for a whole host of things.  Think of JT like your friend who plans their next Halloween costume on November 1.  Or the friend that asks if wearing three different outfits at an 80’s party was one outfit too many.  In his case, Justin was excited to wear some traditional garb to his state visit, thinking it would be a sign of respect, and, well, fun!  Little did he realize that the Conservatives and the Canadian media were ready with their pitchforks.  Changing the story from being a tribute to Indian culture to JT showboating.  
  4. The SNC Lavalin scandal.  I believe that there were mistakes made by the Liberals on this one.  But I take issue with the way the Conservatives attacked the issue, expanding the scope and insinuating because Jody Wilson-Raybould is both a woman and naive Canadian, that Justin Trudeau doesn’t support women or indigenous rights.  Trudeau’s cabinet has an equal number of men and women (20/19 respectively). Have you seen how many women are in Erin O’Toole’s shadow cabinet?  Take a look – it’s a sausage-fest, his shadow cabinet consists of 88 people, and 14 are women which puts the conservative at 16% female representation.  I think the Conservatives have been getting pretty comfortable throwing stones from their glass houses. And then there’s Jody Wilson-Raybould, she feels like Canada’s Krysten Sinema – lapping as much attention as the media will give her and guising her decisions as the right thing to do.  I’m not sure if profiting from writing a political attack book is the right thing to do, or making the title implicitly sensationalistic, or for that matter, going on a book and speaking tour…At this point I’m wondering when is the musical coming out?
  5. Calling another election.   Don’t even!  Sorry, are the Liberals not supposed to try to win elections?  I’m sure Conservatives can’t be blamed for calling elections early when they see an opportunity to get a majority government.  (Harper, 2008)
  6. No Electoral Reform.  JT promised to ditch “first past the post” voting in favour of ranked voting which reduces negative ads and gives voters more choice.  This was a promise he did not keep.  But, JT is still in office so it may happen.  He certainly isn’t the first Prime Minister not to keep a promise.  

*Politics are a balancing act, a yin and a yang, a left and the right.  Unfortunately, the right has decided to feed into conspiracy theories, misinformation, and fear.  They relentlessly attack Justin Trudeau in an effort to push themselves up, which eliminates real discourse and picks at the cohesive social fabric Canadians are know for and proud of.  Liberals can and should do better; Conservatives, you aren’t even in the ring.  It’s time for Conservatives to get out of our bedrooms, stop leveraging Trumpist divisive tactics, and present a clear Canadian forward agenda.  

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